Potential Customers

Potential Customers. 

Consumer Needs

The existing equipment for medical imaging is aimed at revealing structural changes in human tissues, the diagnostic procedure is based on the analysis of shape, density, size, outlines of lesions or changes. A multichannel MWR will make it possible to visualize functional (microwave emission) changes in tissues, which will provide the physician with additional information about the nature of the disease.

Unlike other methods and devices for temperature measurement, the MWR will provide a three-dimensional visualization of the temperature of internal tissues (unlike IR cameras), the ability to dynamically monitor the temperature of internal tissues under the influence of samples and loads (in contrast to single-channel radiometers), low cost (in comparison with measurements temperature fMRI), the possibility of conducting studies at home, harmlessness and painlessness, and the absence of contradications for young and pregnant women.

  • GPs for earlier diagnostics
  • Sport Doctors (boxing, football, rugby, etc.)
  • Hospitals for treatment control and early diagnostics
  • Massage and tan cabinets
  • Physiotherapy
  • Traditional medicine
  • Cosmetic clinics

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