Clinical Applications. Breast


•Differential visualisation of malignant and benign tumours. High sensitivity, specificity using the symmetry approach
•Treatment monitoring. Influence of various functional tests and various loads, including daily monitoring;
•Early visual identification of a risk group for breast cancer during a preventive screening/screening from adolescence
•Inflammation. Visual detection and treatment monitoring


Brain. Stroke:

Monitoring the microwave emissions after attack, during treatment, monitoring the course of therapy;

Determination of the state of the brain damage; and advise on type of therapeutic intervention

Monitoring of a hypothermia and hyperthermia therapies

brain stroke

Brain. Sport:

•Evaluation of the athletes brain condition before and after the match;
•Determination of the state of the brain damage after a trauma;
•Choosing further actions in case of emergency and optimal therapy;

brain sport


•Noninvasive evaluation of carotid microwave emissions.
•Predict the incidence of MACE in patients with CAD.
•Offer incremental predictive value in current risk models.
•Initial screening test for evaluation of vascular inflammation.




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