Clinical applications 2

Low Back Pain (LBP):

•        Significant change in the microwave emissions of the lower back with age.

•        Microwave emission increases with LBP pain severity.

•        Exacerbation of LBP zones 1 to 7 in the days before examination produce the most significant microwave emission.

•        Allows for objective assessment of the magnitude of clinical symptoms.

•        Microwave measurements are a reliable indication of severity of LBP and duration of the exacerbation.

low back pain


•        Acute venous thrombosis, even with a minor lesion of the deep veins of the tibia, which allows to visualise the initial stages and to observe the dynamics of the inflammatory process.

•        The signs of deep vein thrombosis of the lower limbs with sensitivity 100% and specificity 81.3%.




•        acute pyelonephritis

•        renal colic in urolithiasis

•        acute inflammatory diseases of the prostate




•        Sensitivity of melanoma detection 97,1%, specificity 96,7%

•        Treatment monitoring


Upper Back Pain (UBP):

•        Localization and nature of the pathological process  (inflammation or degenerative-dystrophic)

•        Stage of the process (acute period, remission, recovery)

•        Differentiate processes with the same or similar clinic, but with different etiopathogenesis